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Share 1 way that you save energy in your home or at work. DONE <challenge.meyouhealth.com/cl/8ea4213e-ac7d-4f24-852b-2e51c1ca0b3d?escape=false&h=e707a36c&p=U2FsdGVkX1%2FwdDJIQdE42O5bpN6Gs2kmWQ0PYEPZ9Bq6tka7ec0XP2c6U0gct%2FzV5wA65G5N7yhFnTGAonKXNLD8iFw7UgafLFaUt…>

How to do it
Do you shut off the lights as soon as you leave a room? Switch off your computer at the end of a workday? Wash your clothing in the coolest water possible? Whatever your method for saving energy, share it here.
Why it matters
The benefits of saving energy are numerous! Taking time to conserve means less contamination of our planet’s land, water, and air. Using less fossil fuel also reduces the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Finally, saving energy leads to lower utility bills, meaning more money for you.

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