After I had graduated from college with Social Work major, I co-founded a non-for-profit organization of providing integrated family social work services with my college professor and worked as a Team leader and project manager. During the work, I was able to use different kinds of marketing strategies in project bidding and promotion, and incorporate project management tool into daily operation to improve work and communication efficiency. I also generated the community problem report with deep data analysis, so that the services the organization provides can be more focus and optimized.

With the career goal of creating a more socially responsible corporate environment, I decided to pursue a Master degree in Finance to learn about the business world, hoping to find a way to combine the knowledge from social sector and business sector.

I am now graduated from the Master of Science in Finance program at IIT Stuart School of Business and working hard on the Online Certificate Program in Data Science at Johns Hopkins University. With knowledge and experiences in Project Management, Marketing, Quantitative Finance, Data Analysis, he is now taking a further step to empower the community.