Welcome! This is the first blog in my life. I want to share the experiences and skills that I earn over the course of my life, from both professional practices and academic studies.

Similar to thousands of blogs sharing Python, Finance and stuff, I will probably talk about similar things. However, if I am just going to follow the flow and do whatever people are doing, I won’t even create this website. The reason that I create this website and start to write blogs is I want to experiment a new way of presenting knowledge. There are many pieces of knowledge flowing on the Internet, and there is almost unlimited way of interpreting, utilizing and learning them.

How can we connect those pieces?

How can we improve our learning efficiency?

How can we find the right solution for the problem?

I think the key to those questions is: How can we organize knowledge?
So, I want to use this website/blog to experiment a way of organizing knowledge. My first try would be writing short blogs. I will try to divide skills into different connected segments and write small articles for them separately, but relate them using website features or just include a hyperlink to other articles. Anyway, I will try about that, and you are more than welcome to contact me and give me feedback or share your thoughts.