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Hi, welcome to my blog!! I am a working professional with a mixed background. Sometimes I feel like I am more like an explorer who is willing to push the boundary and develop new stuff.

I have a Master of Science in Finance degree, and I am a Certified FRM (Financial Risk Manager). I spearheaded to building quantitative models for monitoring and benchmarking the financial performance of investment products or banking platforms and developing forward-thinking analysis for scaling financial organizations and data teams.

I also have 5+ years of experience in full-stack data analytics positions, which help companies and organizations build best practices to foster data-driven culture and leverage it to optimize product strategy.

In this blog, I will share my expertise and knowledge. The motivation comes from my journey of learning and improving. I got a lot of insights from different personal blogs. They inspired me to build my own

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My Professional Skill Set

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

• Supporting investment product and platform stakeholders in identifying each product’s risks, and documenting key metrics to track and develop, while writing reports and building dashboards to successfully track those metrics

• Developing new statistical models, analytical processes and systematic approaches for conducting researches into investment portfolios, and benchmarking of investment products in order to provide market insights to customers

• Helping teams of data scientists and product engineers in developing and implementing the analytical frameworks for building organizational strategies, creating projections and simulations, as well as executing financial decisions

• Conducting quantitative analytics and modeling projects, risk analysis and optimization (Excel, VBA), data visualization (Tableau, Power BI), and conversion of data into actionable insights to help make business & financial decisions

• Market and credit risk analysis, forecasting, and modeling, as well as programming and scripting with languages (Python, R), simulation and diagnostic testing of statistical models, and using SQL to extract and manipulate data