Analytical Projects​
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Analytical Projects​

Premium Factor Analysis in Pharmaceutical Industry

      - Researched the major factors affecting premium in an M&A process int eh Pharmaceutical industry.

      - Utilizing Excel VBA to construct Time-series regression for the data analysis

      - Researched the major factors influencing premium in the M&A process using Excel.

Equity Fundamental Analysis for Kimberly Clark Corporation

      - Conducted Altman Z Analysis 

      - Analyzed historical operation performance in GAAP standard and conduct adjusted financial analysis in non-GAAP basis

      - Based on financial statements, conducted ROE and Financial Position analysis

      - Conducted a 3-year forecast on Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Equity Portfolio Alpha Seeking

      - Calculated cap-weighted active forward return and sector-based price-to-book ratio z-score, natural log cap z-score for each security

      - Run cross-sectional regressions of 1000 securities in 60 months' period to calculate sector premium Lambda for factors like Beta, sector-based P/B z-scores, and natural log cap z-score

      - Counted the number of significant P-values of each months' regression by positive or negative effects on return factors have a higher positive return significance will be potential Alpha

      - Conducted sensitivity regression of Lambda against JAMCX fund's active return and used regression R square as the indication of unsystematic risk-taking

Mutual Fund Style Analysis for JAMCX

      - Obtained fund's MTE benchmark using Excel Solver by minimizing its volatility difference against presumptive benchmark indexes

      - Compared fund's average active return and information ratio with those indexes in order to determine the fund benchmark

      - Applied time-series analysis to test the fund style's consistency

Equity Paired Trading Strategy Design

      - Determined pairs of stocks that have high correlation and fundamental Similarity    

      - Using 20 days moving average, volatility, and price-relativity to construct a pair trade signal 

      - Conducted a pair trade profit and loss table to analyze the performance of the trade using Excel

      - Increased the return of the trade by optimizing the trade signal threshold 

      - Optimized the return by adding fund allocation strategies


Opportunity Junction
Data Analyst

• Managed Salesforce Database for the organization; Maintained and upgraded the data structure across 10+ objects and 300+ data fields with proper validation, workflow, process, and so on; Optimized staff data entry interface; Implemented Lightning interface
• Data Mining: explored and restructured raw client data; Transformed it into analyzable data form in order to get the most information
• Conducted data research on questions raised by program teams
• Set up Python Jupyter Notebook server using AWS services; Implement Salesforce SQL for fast data query and analytics; Built Python program to automate daily reporting and data monitoring
• Built statistics model to predict program performance and optimized client target groups

Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
CRM Analyst

• Developed a series of client service metrics that are still being used to measure Chamber client needs
• Responsible for gathering CRM information and developing a comprehensive report once a month for management
• Assisted in developing several database procedures that made CRM research significantly easier
• Utilized Salesforce to update data, import external data, generate report; optimized data structure; designed internal data report process
• Extracted Salesforce data into other data warehouse and perform further analysis using Python, and SQL, query, create, integrate, ETL, concatenate, interleave, merge datasets
• Designed Python bots to automate data gathering and cleaning processes

The Evans International Law Firms, TEIL Firms, LLC
Business and Financial Consultant

- Took the responsibilities to plan the firms marketing and business development resource allocation and risk management strategies
- Review financial statements and analyze sales revenues, costs, expenses, and tax rates
- Cost Management: Estimated project cost using the bottom-up estimating technique; Conducted cash flow analysis to determine periodical working capital, and decided reinvestment rate
- Identified the detail of operation, compliance and reputation risk that the firm may bear, prepared risk documents and calculated yearly VaR based on quantitative models, determined optimized target client niche
- Developed comprehensive reports, abstracts, and charts to present data and guide investment strategies; Create and deliver presentations, providing recommendations on short- and long-range ROI.
- Tracked project progress and ensured internal communication using Trello; Prepared internal marketing and risk management documents
- Improved operational efficiency of financial systems through the implementation of streamlined data-management procedures by Salesforce and Mycase legal database.

Traditum Group
Assistant Trader

• Implemented Pair Trading strategy on securities market trading; designed Python program to screen high correlated stock pair to trade; Yielded stable spread returns

• Utilized Python programs to calculate stock Beta, correlation, z-score, and Technical Analysis indicator to show stock’s trending   

• Explored other trading opportunities by screening momentum stocks and analyze stock mean reversion and calculated its half-life for trading

Oberweis Securities
Market Risk Analyst

- Calculated short term and long term VaR for the firm equity, fixed income, and future market portfolio; Reported to the Manager to make sure enough capital reserve
- Calculated daily Beta and Delta exposure on the firm's equity market portfolio
- Assisted in testing and adjusting PD, EAD and LGD models under the Basel III framework on fixed income instruments
- Assisted in conducting Monte Carlo simulations to forecast daily VaR on security portfolio using Python
- Optimized risk management practice by accounting for Time Decay on options contracts, and Mark to Market on future contracts; Deployed Tailing the Hedge technique to determine hedging ratio
- Cooperated with the trading team to monitor foreign currency risk exposures on a daily basis


Illinois Insititue of Technology
May 2016
Master of Science in Finance

Key coursework: Mathematics in Finance Application, Statistics, Financial Modeling, Portfolio Management, Fixed Income management, Monte Carlo Simulation, Equity & Equity Derivatives Trading, Global Financial Market

Guangdong Business College
May 2012
Social Work

Key Courses: Human Resource Management, Methods of Social Survey, Casework Consult, Group Work, Community Work, Anthropology, Social Psychology

American River College
Computer Science

Key Courses: Calculus, Algorism Design, C++, Discrete Data Structure, Data Structure

The Johns Hopkins University
Data Science Certificate

• Online certification courses through Coursera
• Key coursework: R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data, Regression Model, Exploratory Data Analysis, Reproducible Research


Johns Hopkins University
Data Science Certificate
Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
Certified Financial Risk Management

Software Skills​

R Programming

Financial Skills​

Financial Statement Analysis
Risk Analytics
Portfolio Management