Reef Tank Lesson

While removing fish tank cover will significantly help reduce the heat/temp, water will vapor much quicker. To avoid salinity going too high, keep the salinity below 1.025 (the upper limit of the proper range).

Saltwater tank rarely has low oxygen condition. If you see fist breathing hard, it’s likely a bacteria spike, especially coming with cloudly water.

Beginner’s Guide to Care A Fish Tank

Beginner’s Guide to Care A Fish Tank

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 CaresImportant Notes
DailyObserve the fish’s activities and see if they are active and craving for food. If not, do an emergency check. Feed a little bit of food that can be consumed in 3 mins (literally just a little bit 3 – 5 pieces or 1/5 of a spoon) 
WeeklyFill the tank with drink water (not hot, not cold) up to the original levelWater change guideline:Water is the key to fishes; test the temp with your figure and make sure you don’t feel hot or cold before add water; this is to ensure that the water temp is similar to tank water, so the fishes won’t be shocked by changing temp
Every other weekChange 1/3 of the tank water. Use the water to water plants (it’s rich in the nutrient) Look at the back filter and see if it needs to be cleanedAdd water slowly and prevent currentYou can use the tank lid to help soften the water flow. Use drinking water to clean the filter material
[emergency check]Fishes become less active or sickObserve the fin and tail and body of the fish and see if there’s any holds, rot, or any imperfection, if so use: this. If you find no sign of those or some white dots on fish body, use this. Fish getting sick usually means they feel stress in water, so we need to do a series of water changes: change half of the water every other day for at least a week according to the water change guideline. You can dose this magic beneficial bacterial every time you change the waterThere’re generally two kinds of fish diseases, bacterial or parasitic. Use the right treatment. Be extra care in selecting the right treatment. Usually, if you observe some strange dot or color on the skin, use bacterial treatment first. If you see fish behave strangely, use parasitic treatment. In such a case, don’t use bacterial treatment as it may kill the fish. During the treatment, also raise the temperature to 85 F
Adding fishes Only buy fish from a clean tank, if you observe some fish seems sick in the tank, don’t buy from that. If you have this, dose less than 1 ml in the bag before acclimating the fish.

To acclimate the fish: Pour excessive water out of the bag, but make sure fish have room to moveFloat the bag in the water. While floating, add a small amount of water every 10 mins After adding more than half of the bag water and at least 1 hour, use a net to add the fish to the tank. Don’t add the bag water to the tank (prevent diseases)
If you don’t have an quarantine tank, rotating two treatments can prevent illness when adding fish but need to make sure no fish have a parasitic illness and should dose 12 hrs apart.