Social Service Track

Professional Experience
Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community (CBCAC)
Community Organizer

• Coalition building: outreached and developed working relationship with 8 organization heads; generated agendas based on community issues; organized joint meetings with different organizations on the executive level

• Civic engagement & community development: build partnerships with local schools and library to organized 50+ youth volunteers; created comprehensive youth curriculum for civic engagement education; leveraged community political power (organizational/business leaders and legislators) to achieve community development goals

• Community policy advocacy: been part of the PAVE coalition in Chicago to advocate for the Welcoming City Ordinance, Auto Voter Registration and other state policies.

• Stakeholder Management: Outreached, built strong relationships with and prioritized community stakeholders who have power and interest over the community agenda using in-person meetings, focus group meetings, status email updates and organized working committees 

• Scope Management: Determined measurable outcomes and deliverables for the ORIGIN Program and its 2017 Election civic engagement project; conducted Work Breakdown Structure analysis and created workflow diagrams to better budget team resource and lead team efforts 

Guangzhou Haizhu Kapok Social Work Development Center
Director of Youth and Volunteer Services Department

• Co-founded the Center with college professors and conducted registration, project bidding, and service project management

• Won the government project bidding of Nanhai Dream Come True Service Center in Nanhai District of Foshan City for ¥2,000,000 and the supervision project of the family service in Shayuan Street Hand-in-hand Social Work Service Center for ¥10,000

• Recruited, trained and assigned propose positions to a team of 10; led the team to complete the grant fund requirement with excellence 

• Prepared the department’s project performance matrix and reviewed the scope, quality, risk and cost periodically; 

• Composed the annual report for the Shayuan Street hand-in-hand Social Work Service Center


Guangzhou Yangcheng Social Work Service Center
Assistant to Executive Director

• Led the community projects during the Asian Games in China

• Assisted the Executive Director on the management of the Center

• Assisted the social project bidding for the Eastern area in Luogang District including project planning, presentations with various general secretaries in different districts

 • Mastered the skills of project planning, writing, presenting and negotiation